Monday, April 19, 2010


One of my favorite things about spring is all of the flowers, green grass, and blossoming trees. But with all that comes the weeds that in turn cause the annoying allergies.
So I was driving down the road and randomly this thought hit me:

In our lives we have all have these different flowers. Blessings, friends, family, etc. Like our life is a garden. We produce fruit, or flowers... if you will, by having a right relationship with God. But sometimes we can let little excuses and compromise into our lives. These are the weeds. Weeds cause allergies, I know a lot of people are suffering with those right now. But the weeds we let into our hearts can cause us to be sick in spirit, if we don't do anything about them.
I'm sure everyone knows of the little yellow "flower" called a dandelion. I used to pick them all the time when I was younger. I thought it was a wild flower and when I found out it was a weed, I was bummed. The dandelion looks like a pretty flower but really when you get to the root of it, it's a weed that chokes out the tulips. If these dandelions aren't dealt with they can spread like wildfire and kill off the other flowers. Dandelions are much like sin. we can sometimes let the smallest thing like a single compromise to enter out lives. If this is not dealt with it can in turn spread and lead to other bad choices and poor attitudes. Sometimes the enemy will take these things and distort them to where it doesn't seem to be wrong. When you look at your life and see the dandelions, they can be mistaken as flowers, as the fruit of the spirit. But hang around long enough and people can figure out quickly that it's just a weed. a fake. an impostor. a replica of the real thing. For some people they wake up and stroll out on the porch to view their garden and see nothing but dandelions and a few flowers that haven't yet died off, and wonder what happened. We can sometimes be blind to these little weeds. Sometimes we don't want to take them out. They look ok with the other flowers, and besides its only one little dandelion weed. This kinda reminds me of the veggie tales movie, "the rumor weed" haha.

But anyways, I hope this makes since, and I hope it challenges you to take a step back and look at your garden. are there areas of your life that need weeding? Let the Holy Spirit help you and show you which one is the dandelion and which one is the tulip. and let me tell you, weeding isn't always an easy process. I hate picking weeds it hurts my knees, back, arms. it's uncomfortable. But let me tell you, its worth it in the end when we have a beautiful and plentiful garden!

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