Friday, April 3, 2009

situations shape who you are.

what has college done to me? is that really the question or is it what have i allowed college to do to me? im thinking its prolly the later. man, this has been a super rough year. i dont want to quit, but sometimes when i let my mind free to wander i can't help but think about this and be tempted. i don't think i would ever leave, i dont think i could.

but now after looking back on this year, i can't help but wonder who i am. when i came here i was so stinkin sure of who i was. i knew who i was in Christ. i still know i am a child of the king, but what i dont know, is who is that child of the king? im trying so hard to find myself in God. i guess you just have to go to source to find that out. i just need to get away for a weekend or something. i just need to get away from people here and just think and draw close to God. i miss those youth camp days b/c there was no one to bother you and God. it was so peaceful. im going to have to find the youth camp life again.