Monday, October 19, 2009

random thought for today...don't live on snacks alone.

Today I have been thinking, and no I didn't strain anything. haha. but anywho, I was thinking about somethin.

I saw my suitmate,Anisha, today and I hadn't seen her about, 24 hours, give or take a few. But when we saw each other she told me that she felt like she hadn't seen my in days! and really, it did feel like it had been a few days.

Here comes the thinking and aplication part...

i thought: What if we were like that with God? If we didn't have time to read our Bible and spend time with him would we feel that same longing to be together again?
I know as a college student involved in so much ministry, classes, church, work, sports, etc. that its hard to find time to spend with God. Im just as guilty as anyone else. I know that I sometimes fail to dive into the word everyday because I get some of it in chapel. it's like being super hungary and only getting a little bit of something so amazing that we want seconds, and thirds. How are we to survive off of a snack? I know this is a cheesy analogy and I notice that all of my "little analogies" always have to do with food, for the most part. haha. But, I just want to encourage everyone to take time to spend with God, and I'm definately included in this. I'm challenging myself as well. I was thinking, if we don't get into the habit of getting into the word everyday, even when we don't feel like it or feel dry as a river, and when we don't have anything left to give, then how are we going to when we launch out into full time ministry? Sometimes its easy to forget that we are in ministry right now. I know I forget, and sometimes even toss it around lightly. Everyone goes through tough times, and struggles, and temptations, but we need to go to the word and spend time with God. We can't just live off of what happened in chapel. Don't misunderstand me, chapel is amazing, but it shouldn't stop there. We should be strong in our devos, having that full relationship with God. The Bible says to recieve the fullness of God, and I think that can be taken in the relationship aspect.
Our God is a jelous God. He cares so much for us!

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