Sunday, September 20, 2009

lessons from a child...

So the other day I was sitting in my suit mate, Anisha's room, and we were discussing notes for A/G History and Polity. So we got about half way into them and then went off on this huge, 3 hour long Jesus rant! It was so awesome! We were diffinatly iron sharping iron. I loved it. But the point about the child....
Anisha was telliing me about this girl at her church back home, and this little girl looked up to her so much and wanted to be just like her that she even started to try to sneeze like Anisha. I guess she sneezes weird or somethin. I thought that was just the cutest thing, and I even remembered when I tried to do things exactly like the person that I had looked up to so many years ago.

But then I thought... what if we did that with Jesus? What if we truely tried to be just like Him? what would that even look like? I mean, in the Bible it tells us to "be holy for He is holy."

Holiness: it's nothing less than conforming to Jesus.

God is definately dealing with me on this issue. Every time I turn around someone is mentioning holiness in a sermon or in the classroom! I'm so baffled by it. Holiness. What a thought! Striving to be just like God, in every day situations. Wow.

I think sometimes people hear the word "holiness" and they know that it could be attainable, only if you're a pastor, or some amazingly spiritual missionary or something.
Holiness if for everyone! God created us to be holy! I just keep thinking.... what would that even look like if we went all out, and with every fiber of our being, strived to be holy? Oh how awesome!

So I encourage all of you to strive to be holy, in thought, action, and even the words you speak. Let God mold you into His likeness. Be willing for Him to mold you.

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