Monday, January 12, 2009

Programing worship?

I was recently at the WMS2 where people from all around the world gathered to worship and praise our God. (also, to recruit people to missions...haha) But really, it was the most amazing time I've experienced. I would have to say it was some of the best worship from this past semester. Anyways, when I came back to CBC it was like someone turned a switch on. I found it harder to really get into worship, to that level of intensity that is. Why is it that when we're at functions that the WMS2 or youth rallys we sing to the top of lungs...well almost...and when we come back, its like we get back into the old worship habits? I'm so sick of it. I know people who go to youth camp experience that a lot. In today's world we're so sure that it'll happen the question no longer is "will it happen?" its now, "how long until it happens?" its almost like we speak it into our own lives, its like we accept defeat before the battle even begins. Have we been "programed" to worship in different ways depending on our surroundings? its kinda like, if we're home we worship half-heartedly, but when we're on a missions trip or an outreach or at a church function, we turn that switch on and get focused in, and want God so much. we don't want to leave unchanged. why can't it be that way EVERYDAY? God deserves more than what we're giving Him. I'm not trying to sound as if I'm putting people down and saying everyone in the whole world is a horrible worshipper. I'm simply saying that no matter what "level" we're at, we can always give God more. On the days when we don't "feel" like worshipping, or the days we don't feel good, or are just too busy, we need to remember to worship God with all that we are. ever fiber of our being. Thats why he created us! If we don't worship Him the rocks will cry out. I don't know about you, but I don't want some rock doing the very thing I am created to do. We should worship Him with our very lives. the things that we do and say everyday. Honor God in all you do. Break out of the worldly mold. it doesn't matter what others are thinking, it only matters what He thinks of our worship. He deserves more than what we're giving Him.

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  1. Good stuff Sarah!

    If you haven't already figured this out: I'm in a blog-reading mode today, and realized I hadn't read much of your stuff yet. Don't worry, I'm reading a bunch of other people's as well. (I'm not a Anywho, a couple of your posts inspired a few of my own. Check 'em out, and keep blogging- you've got great stuff to say!