Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Drive Through Window Experience.

Yesterday I was at my Grandma's waiting for her to get ready to come shopping with me, and I picked up the little paper that always comes in the Pentecostal Evangel to read until she was done. I started reading about this lady who always went to the drive through window to pick up food because her daily schedule was so busy she didn't even have time to go inside. I thought this article was going to be about how unhealthy fast food was, and I thought I was going to read about different eating tips and other advice to eating better, that combined with exercise, would lead to a more healthier lifestyle. I was wasn't about that at all. The author of this article went on to say that the Lord spoke to her and showed her that her spiritual life was a lot like her drive through eating habits. How easy and tempting it is to get quick nibbles and snacks from the pastors sermon, a good song about Jesus on the radio, a devo that someone else shares with us, etc. These are great, don't get me wrong, but they are from from the other person's time with God. For us to not be spiritually malnourished, we need to enter in and sit at the banquet table with the Lord. Just you and the Lord. God invites us to come and sit with Him at His banquet table where we can get spiritual food that truly nourishes us.  When I read this article I was challenged to look at my own life to see if I am just going to the drive through window or if I am actually entering into the banquet of the Lord. I don't want my conversations with God to be limited to a drive through. I  don't want God to be the waiter at a restaurant, I want Him to be the person I am sitting and fellowshiping with. I want to  become more like Jesus. I know that when I hang around one person so much, I begin to pick up some of their mannerisms. Not on purpose. and sometimes I don't even notice until someone else points it out. I want to take time out of my day to go to the banquet table where God provides everything that I need. I want to spend SOOO much time with Him, that I start becoming like Him. I need to decrease so that there is room for the Lord to increase.

It makes me think of this song by Leeland called "carried to the table"

I love the words of this song, they are so true!

The song says:

Wounded and forsaken
I was shattered by the fall 
Broken and forgotten
Feeling lost and all alone
Summoned by the King
Into the Master’s courts
Lifted by the Savior
And cradled in His arms

I was carried to the table
Seated where I don’t belong
Carried to the table
Swept away by His love
And I don’t see my brokenness anymore
When I’m seated at the table of the Lord
I’m carried to the table
The table of the Lord

Fighting thoughts of fear
And wondering why He called my name
Am I good enough to share this cup
This world has left me lame
Even in my weakness
The Savior called my name
In His Holy presence
I’m healed and unashamed

You carried me, my God
You carried me

So I ask, are you entering into the banquet that God calls us into, or are you settling for a drive through experience? 

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  1. This is sooooo good!!! I love all the sermon illustrations you find. Gosh. This is so true too. Even if we spent every second, every minute, every hour of the day with God it wouldn't be enough to learn everything He has to teach us. Yet, that's how we should strive to be.