Tuesday, June 9, 2009


so i really feel like i am doing nothing of value this summer. its driving me crazy that i am not somewhere doing something!!! i want to be overseas or at least out of state, even another city would be fine. i cant stand it anymore in springfield!!!! im going nuts! I dont like the thought of my bf out there living it up and i am stuck here! i want to work with my youth group and do ministry in my home church, yano poor back into the church that has poured quite a bit into me. i know this summer isnt useless, i know God has a plan. im just not sure what it is and its frusterating. sometimes it feels as though there wont be a "plan" for me to follow this summer. its gone by so fast, i dont want to waste it, i want to use it to get closer to God. i am going to youth camp in 2 weeks as an assistant dorm leader with my church i know God will do mighty things. i know ministry cant happen over night, it involves time to make strong relationships, establish trust, and so forth. ugh. i look to God he is my source of strength. its just frusterating sometimes.

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